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Saturday’s Story – Outside the Window

The prompt for this piece was ‘outside the window’, and I sat down at 9pm last night and just wrote it. I put little thought into where it would go, I was even sure where it started. I shut my eyes, looked out of the window of my imagination and typed. This is not my first attempt at fiction but is the first piece of flash fiction I have written… particularly the first piece of fiction for public consumption.

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The Book Club – January 2021

All of my life, I have loved to read. Reading has been the one thing that has been a proven stress reliever, a happy thing for me to do. As a child, I would read to escape from a world where I was almost desperately unhappy. A novel was a safe space – a safe space where I couldn’t be bullied. Through books, I travelled to places I may never visit and made friends with people I would not meet. Over the last 12 months, though, I seem to have lost my way with reading. I have fallen out of love with it.

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#WeightLossWednesday – The Reasons

Welcome to this January’s #WeightLossWednesday, a monthly discussion about losing weight and staying healthy. As I explained last time, I have always been overweight and struggle to lose weight. Before Christmas, I seemed to have my shit together. I found my way into the mindset and stayed there. However, since mid-December and now into the new year, I appear to have misplaced my willpower.

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Navigating the Storm

We are all well versed at this now. The cases start to rise, the government watches, and then when it’s almost too late, they react. It’s not that I’m denigrating the government, even though Boris wasn’t my choice for PM, I’m observing. It’s an observation, and I’m not saying I would do any better. I would like nothing less than to be leading a country during a pandemic. It just looks like a poorly executed plot from a budget movie that leaves the taste of fear and disbelief in the viewer’s mouth.

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