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The Book Club – January 2021

All of my life, I have loved to read. Reading has been the one thing that has been a proven stress reliever, a happy thing for me to do. As a child, I would read to escape from a world where I was almost desperately unhappy. A novel was a safe space – a safe space where I couldn’t be bullied. Through books, I travelled to places I may never visit and made friends with people I would not meet. Over the last 12 months, though, I seem to have lost my way with reading. I have fallen out of love with it.

As the beginning of 2021 approached, I wistfully recalled how much I loved to read and considered how I would get myself into reading once again. The answer came to me in the form of a Facebook advert… as usual, the all-seeing book of face accurately presented me with a solution to my problem – A Box of Stories. I had come across the company before, but never bitten the bullet and ordered. This time things were different, and I had a decent look at what they had to offer.

A Box of Stories is a book subscription service, and I love a good subscription. They say that 83% of books published don’t get the marketing and publicity they should get and therefore don’t make the bestsellers list, which I can believe wholeheartedly. Some of the best books I have ever read I found by accident. By purchasing a book subscription box from them, you save “brand new books from getting destroyed”. Perhaps my favourite thing about A Box of Stories is that I don’t have to think about which books to choose. I eliminated the genres I really don’t fancy and linked my GoodReads account before receiving my first box.

When my first box arrived last week, I couldn’t wait to see which books had been chosen for me. I wasn’t disappointed. 

  1. Love After Love by Alex Hourston
  2. Marilyn and Me by Ji-min Lee
  3. All the Beautiful Lies by Peter Swanson
  4. A World on Edge by Daniel Schonpflug

I probably wouldn’t have picked any of these if I had been left to choose, but I’ll happily give them all a read because they’re not what I would typically choose. And divergence from the usual path is more than acceptable. 


Beth is a 30-something Mum, History Student and Freelancer. In her spare time she enjoys reading, writing, and researching her family history.

14 thoughts on “The Book Club – January 2021

  1. That sounds like such a wonderful subscription service – I love books so I might just have to check it out!


  2. I love the concept of a box of stories. I always tend to read the same types of books so being just given something to read that I wouldn’t usually is nice x


  3. This sounds like a great subscription especially if you want to get back into reading again. I will have to let my friend know about ‘a box of stories’ as she’s always on the hunt for new books to read 😊 thanks for sharing!


  4. I’ve found that as I’ve got older then need for reading glasses and extra light has cut down on my reading. Good luck with the new subscription service. One of the kids bought me a subscription to a book club for Christmas – just waiting to se what they turn up.


    1. Oooh, eyes can be a pain in the backside for reading. I find I struggle in the evening. Have you tried a back-lit kindle? They are so much easier on the eyes. 🙂

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