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The Relief of Christmas

The last few weeks have been filled with anxiety and disbelief for me.  Watching the apparent number of cases rising exponentially and listening to the easing of restrictions for five days over Christmas. 

There seems to be no end of stupidity surrounding COVID, its spread, and its effects.  Misinformation, short-sightedness, and selfish thinking all lead to the same end result… Idiots who are putting other people at risk.  As a sceptic (I’m naturally suspicious) I have read the information available.  I have read the conspiracy theories, I have read the mainstream media, I have read between the lines.  Deciding on the story to follow isn’t an easy task.  However, erring on the side of caution, remaining careful, and absorbing more information is undoubtedly better than misinformation and short-sightedness, is it not?

The easing of restrictions over Christmas caused me, among others, a great deal of concern and worry.  After all, we have spent the last few weeks being told it isn’t safe to mix with other people and socialise.  All the while sending children to school and working (all of which I actually support by the way).  What made it safe to meet indoors with other households over the five days around Christmas?  Nothing! In fact, the intimacy we have with family members makes it even riskier than going to work or school.  In all honesty, there may be a probability that you could kill Grandma this Christmas.

With the government announcements over the weekend regarding a tightening up of Christmas restrictions, a collective sigh of relief was heard.  Along with a whole chorus of bitching and whining about how ‘unfair’ it all is.  Now, I don’t think it was handled well… at all.  In fact, the Welsh Government dealt with the situation appallingly.  Announcing a lockdown 6 days before Christmas with 6 hours notice.  Realistically, this only affects those who are already struggling, the poorest in our society – those people waiting on their last paycheck before Christmas to finish their Christmas shopping.  However, the lack of mixing over Christmas is very welcome.

The attitude to COVID needs to be changed collectively.  The public is being divided by the mixed messages.  However, having heard the new tighter restrictions that have been put in place for Christmas, I am relieved that less Grandmas will be put at risk by irresponsible family members this year. 


Beth is a 30-something Mum, History Student and Freelancer. In her spare time she enjoys reading, writing, and researching her family history.

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